Velcome to One Witchy Witches

Ghostly Ghoul Gallery

"Spooks on Parade"

Oh, my Goodness, oh my Gosh,
Here they come!

They are coming in pairs
and groups of 3 or more!
They are the ones that
I have been waiting for!

What fun we had,
What fun we will have,
When they return to
visit me again on
Halloween 2001.

Will you be one of the chosen
few who make it to the
Ghostly Ghoul Gallery 2001?

One Witchy Witch would like to say that due to camera problems only 31 pictures were made and put on this page. I plan on putting at least 100 pictures in
"Ghostly Ghoul Gallery 2001"
and one of them could be YOU!

E-mail me if you would contribute your picture to this page.

All pictures are the sole property of "One Witchy Witch"
Please do not download without written
permission from "One Witchy Witch".
Copyright � 2000, One Witchy Witch, all rights reserved.

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